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About SBR

What is telehealth

Healthcare costs account for 16 percent of the U.S. GDP, with $12 billion dollars spent on avoidable readmissions annually. As healthcare costs continue to increase and the shortage of qualified physicians becomes more alarming, care providers are looking for ways to save money, increase efficiency and administer better care.

Telehealth is the provision of healthcare services through information and communication technology, such as videoconferencing, with the goal of increasing access to healthcare delivery while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.  The University of Adelaide's review of various studies on telehealth services found telehealth models to be particularly effective for use in homecare and for increasing access to specialists.

Traditionally, telehealth services were provided via a computer, which often limited access. However, the proliferation of the use of smartphones and tablets means more people can access telemedicine services. A Nielsen study estimates that by the end of 2011, half of all Americans will have a smartphone. This increase in the use of smartphones and tablets means that it is an ideal time for medical professionals to incorporate telemedicine into their practices.

SBR Health Inc. (SBR) provides video-based solutions that enable the creation of Virtual Healthcare Delivery Networks (VHDNs). We focus on the problem of how to most effectively integrate video communications into existing information technology infrastructures and clinical workflows. For more information click here.


Challenges of telehealth

Despite its potential to improve how healthcare is delivered, videoconferencing has been severely limited by cost and complexity. Most systems require a large upfront investment, are difficult to set up and lack the appropriate security. However, SBR Health is changing this by creating a system where every healthcare provider can quickly, easily and securely integrate video conferencing into his or her existing workflow.  

How SBR Health is improving telehealth

SBR Health provides a simple, secure communications platform that links physicians, patients and specialists across hospitals, clinics, homes and geographically isolated areas. Originally developed to meet the stringent requirements of the United State’s military, our software application is secure and HIPAA compliant. Furthermore, our fully customizable platform is designed to smoothly integrate with your existing workflow to make it easy and efficient for anyone to use. We understand that customer requirements differ, and we are committed to helping you implement a system that meets your unique patient and provider workflow needs.

SBR Health’s customizable platform allows you to:

  • Increase clinical efficiency

  • Rapidly expand services

  • Increase access to care

  • Balance workforce loads

  • Reduce readmissions

  • Increase billings

  • Greater patient engagement

  • Provide timely intervention

  • Prevent cancellations & no-shows


For more information on SBR Health, please contact us or visit our blog.

To learn more about SBR's affiliations, visit the SBR Connections page.

SBR Executive Management

Christopher Herot, Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Herot

Chris Herot is the CEO and co-founder of SBR Health. Prior to launching SBR in 2010, Chris was Chief Product Officer at VSee Lab, a provider of high quality, low bandwidth and low cost videoconferencing solutions to enterprises and governments. Chris has been a successful business and technology leader in several high growth companies, and directed the advanced technology group for several years at Lotus Development (now IBM) where he was responsible for video, mobile and real-time communications solutions.

Chris received his BS and MS degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was on the faculty of the group that became the MIT Media Laboratory.


James Gibbons, Chairman of the Board

James Gibbons

Jim Gibbons is Chairman and co-founder of SBR Health. Jim is Professor (Research) in Electrical Engineering and was formerly Dean of the School of Engineering at Stanford University.  He has been an advisor and board member of public companies (Cisco Systems, El Paso Energy, Lockheed Martin, Raychem), companies he helped take public (Amati Communications, Avantek, Centigram Communications) and startups (Novariant, Rosum, Solyndra, VSee Lab).

Jim received a BS degree from Northwestern University and a PhD from Stanford University.