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Behavioral Health

Geographic distance, lack of transportation or physical disabilities can make it difficult for patients to attend scheduled doctors’ appointments. For some patients suffering from behavioral health issues, simply motivating themselves to go to their appointments is the main obstacle to receiving quality mental healthcare.

SBR Health’s virtual visit system offers an alternative to behavioral health specialists and their patients. With our HIPAA compliant, secure software, patients can safely and securely communicate with providers from the comfort of their homes for scheduled appointments as well as urgent needs. Virtual visits allow doctors to see their patients and pick-up important visual cues from their surroundings, and ensure patients receive necessary care and attend scheduled appointments.

Furthermore, by implementing a telehealth system, medical professionals can more efficiently schedule appointments, preventing cancellations and accommodating unanticipated requests for sessions.

A University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences' (UAMS) study found that without telemedicine, 94% of patients would travel more than 70 miles for medical care; 84% would miss one day of work; and 74% would spend $75-$150 on additional family expenses. With telemedicine, 84% saved $100 in wages; 92% of patients saved $32 in fuel costs; and 74% saved $75-$150 in family expenses.

Solution in Practice

Ensuring patients receive necessary care and attend scheduled appointments

Problem: Behavioral health patients often have difficulty physically attending appointments or require psychiatric help outside of their scheduled appointment times. These factors can lead to scheduling issues, wasted resources, and more seriously, crises that could have been avoided with proper intervention.

SBR Solution:

  • Connect mental health patients to providers from the comfort of their homes
  • Promote better patient management through more frequent check-ins, resulting in fewer ER visits and adverse outcomes
  • Increase access - Quickly and easily extend behavioral and mental health reach services
  • Help prevent cancellations and no-shows
  • Provide urgent intervention
  • Remote triage/transfer patients for admissions