Sophisticated Call Handling with Vidyo

Many electronic health record systems include a rudimentary capability for virtual visits, such as being able to send the patient a link to a Vidyo or Zoom meeting, but what if you need a way to connect a patient with multiple parties, either in parallel (group meeting) or series (hand-off)?

With SBR Health you can do both. A provider can bring in a family member, caregiver, or colleague or interpreter, hold a multi-party call and then hand off the call to one of the providers. Alternatively, the patient can be put in a virtual waiting room until the next staff member is ready for them, e.g. for a receptionist to send a patient to a provider or for a provider to send the call to someone who can schedule a follow-up. The patient just makes one connection while the system does all the work.

The video shows an example of how this works using Vidyo. You can also use it with Zoom.